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"…..a smart way to combine tech with old-school storytelling, and the design really is incredibly cute." - TechCrunch

"This direct interaction (with OCTOBO)…..might have the greatest potential for a true emotional and empathetic experience." - Stanford University Game Design Thinking Research Group

"iPads are nice," one said, "but being able to physically play with and hug a stuffed animal, and have it react to your input is incredible." - ZAM

"It's truly incredible to see how today's technology can be intertwined with the childhood memories we remember from when we were young." - Now Loading

Our mission is to create interactive smart companions that come with full educational app libraries.

 Our first product is Octobo, the smart, cuddly Octopus!

It comes with a plush, storybook, apps, and interactive tokens for a guided storybook experience.

Octobo supports unstructured play, where Octobo will react emotionally with facial expressions.  Octobo also also has a guided storybook experience where its interactive tokens are used to trigger games or answer questions.

As parents and children read Octobo's adventure books together, they discover what Octobo wants, give him things they find in the book, interact with Octobo, and see him respond to them. He has a tablet display on his head and soft sensors throughout his body.


The team have always had a strong attachment to tangible, physical products, and we feel sad seeing kids become attached to digital screens and no longer spending as much time playing with physical objects. So we set our goal to develop a game that has a tangible interface and a seamless hybrid of physical and digital gameplay -- which can also enhance a social experience around the game.

OCTOBO is...

•An emotional impactful story.

•A children's toy that seamlessly combines the digital and physical world.

•A toy that uses smart sensors to create exciting and unexpected reading experiences.

Connect with us!

You can find more on our website (http://playoctobo.com/), and come give us a like on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OCTOBO/). 


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